Jitomate Street Food Tours is a spin off the local Jitomate Blog. These Street Food Tours will help you to explore and experience some of the best dishes in and around Guadalajara, capital of the state of Jalisco. Region that witnessed the creation, and shared to the world, Tequila, Birria, and Mariachi, among many other things. 

The Jitomate Street Food Tours were designed with one thing in mind, to help you explore Guadalajara and understand the gastronomic identity around it. In order to do this, we explore local eating spots, hidden in markets and small streets, side by side with hungry locals away from home during breakfast, lunch or dinner. We help you understand :

      • What do people eat?
      • Where do people eat it? and Why?
      • When is the best time to try it?
      • How do you eat it?

Experience the taste, smell, and textures that local cuisine has to offer. The Jitomate Street Food Tours will take you explore and live a true local eating experience

We are confident we will bring you one step closer to understanding the Mexican Culture… one bite at a time.

Allow us to take you there…