Night Guadalajara Food Tour tacos
Duration: around 4 hrs
Description: Experience the ultimate mexican dinner street food :

  • Tacos al Pastor, de Cabeza, Tripas and Beef
  • Traditional Pozole, sopes and enchiladas
  • Carne en su Jugo
  • many other night dishes !
Recomended Time: Night tours should start around 7 pm
Recommendation: We will drive around to different spots across the city.
Ingredients: Some of the things you´ll taste include:

Pork, Beef, Goat, Tortillas, Tostadas, Corn, different sauces and even some

Price: It doesnt matter if you are a backpacker or a business traveler, visiting Guadalajara by yourself. If you are here on your honeymoon or on your way to Puerto Vallarta with 20 friends…

Jitomate Tours has an option for you.

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What’s included in the price ? Transportation and food tasting in all the places we visit, as well as your personal guide for the adventure.

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