So you want to try “tacos” ?

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taco tour day, barbacoa, jitomate tours guadalajaraAs soon as you decide to come to México, you start thinking of the many things you want, to do. There´re a lot of places to visit, museums, ruins and colonial cities. However, If you are reading this post, its because you are convinced you want to try the food. I guess you could say tacos are the basis of Mexican Cuisine. You can have very elaborated dishes such as mole, but at the end, you eat almost everything with tortillas ! So tacos are omnipresent.

No matter how popular tacos are, people around the world find it hard to really understand the “taco” concept. So, before you think about planning an eating trip, let me explain this to you. A taco isn’t really a dish. It’s more of a way of eating something. How can I explain this… its like saying you want to try pasta, or you want to try something fried. the possibilities are endless !

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Cabeza aka Head

I guess you could say that a “taco” is whatever you eat wrapped in a tortilla. Yes, the trick here is that you want to wrap “something” with a tortilla. Anything… ! that becomes a Taco de <insert-whatever-you-chose-here> .

With this in mind you can have, all sorts of tacos, meat tacos, vegetarian tacos and even some seafood tacos ! Some are very complex with many ingredients, and some are the basis of an average mexican family. I love re-fried beans tacos for dinner for instance !

Tacos are present all the time, you even have some special tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order take you explor the Taco experience, we defined 2 different taco tours, one of them for “day tacos” and some for “night tacos”.

The day tour will take you experience some day taco spots. These are usually “breakfast” tacos such as Tacos de Canasta, Sudados or al Vapor (steamed tacos). These type of tacos are characteristic thanks to their very soft tortillas (due to the steam) and vegetarian filling such as potatoes, and even spaguetti (weird, but true). Another type of breakfast taco is the taco de barbacoa. This particular taco deserves a full post since the Barbacoa Tacos are unique from Guadalajara, and they are not to be confused with the Barbacoa from the center of the country with is completly different. Barbacoa tacos in Guadalajara have a soft and a hard tortilla which is achieved with the heating process.

For dinner tacos are diferent, we have tacos de cabeza, and tacos de asada, some of them with freshly made tortillas. Either case, the taste is awesome and certainly one of the most popular options to eat in Mexico. You can also probably argue that tacos are mexican’s version of fast food, even when in some places, you may need to spend some time in line, in most places you dont even have to sit down, you order, and eat on our feet. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner and be on your way !

Dont miss the taco tour , and let us know if you have any questions or comments ! see you soon !

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