“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.”

So proclaimed Anthony Bourdain, passionate street food advocate and consumer, at the inaugural World Street Food Congress in Singapore.


While haute cuisine chefs keep raising prices for over decorated food dishes, street food keeps the engine of the world going. Not everybody can afford a “well cooked” $60usd boring steak, however, the working class feasts on the best dishes available, right around the corner. Sometimes with over 8 hours of preparation, and layers of flavors, street food is readily available, you don’t need to wait months for a reservation and is rarely expensive.  Just like in the rest of the world, dishes have evolved for decades and centuries into fantastic low cost options…. and well kept secrets.


Mexico is one of the best places to go and explore street food. Tacos, Birria, Tostadas, Barbacoa, Tamales and many other options can be found all over the country, which makes the objective of finding a true gem even harder.


Street Food Tour, Jitomate, Tostada, Menudo, Taco

When visiting a foreign country, its always a bit intimidating to go out and eat in a street joint. Questions arise about hygiene, the freshness of the products, or the true quality of the dish – “is it really worth the risk?”. Word of mouth usually positions certain locations as must-go-places and food explorers go out of their way to look and savor the legendary dishes often prepared and served by true street food warriors.


street food tour – tacos de carnitas

Jitomate Street Food Tours in Guadalajara, are an initiative from a few proud local street food lovers, who truly value and enjoy the treasures the street food has to offer. It wasn’t easy, but we narrowed down the list of places to a few circuits that will allow you to try as many different dishes as possible. The idea is to guide you to the place, explain the mechanics of the experience (how do you eat a taco? is it ok to eat with your hands? what do you add to each dish?), taste and move to the next spot.  We hope people with the same itch for gastronomical insight will find us and help us share to the world the culture of street food eating in Guadalajara.


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