The Torta Ahogada

The Torta Ahogada

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The Torta Ahogada is one of the most recognized and symbolic dishes of Guadalajara.

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Simple and Delicious – Torta Ahogada

The basic elements of the torta ahogada are the “birote”  which is a short and salty baguette which can only be found in the city, fried pork “carnitas” – traditionally but you can also add buche and/or lengua –  and the two different sauces, “picante” which is very hot and “dulce” “sweet” which isn’t really sweet but basically tomato and some spices, the point being, not hot at all.

The birote is split in half, in some cases, fried beans are applied. Then, chopped or sliced pork is added and the whole sandwich is drowned in the sauce. You get to choose if you want it drowned in the hot sauce of the tomato sauce. It´s OK to drown it in the tomato sauce and then add a bit of hot sauce just for  the taste. The only element added to the torta, are some “cebollas desflemadas” or onions that have been soaked in lemon juice, so they bite has been reduced.

Tortas Ahogadas are known as one of the best hangover cures in México and they pair great with a beer. The Tortas Ahogadas are a key part of the street food offerings of the city. They may not be the best dish you will have but Guadalajara is the only city where you can find it, so dont leave without trying it. You can find tortas ahogadas all over the city, and are also a regular offering of bars and old school cantinas as a free appetizer. The idea behind the generous gift is that the torta will make you thirsty and you will end up drinking more afterwards.

You can always find interesting variations of the torta ahogada. Different meats types, and different variations of the sauce and even joints where all kinds of adders are offered such as rabanos, and col. During the Torta Ahogada Tour, we take you to some of the most representative places to try the torta ahogada and explain the story behind it. We hope you enjoy  !


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